📍 Bilbao, Spain

➡️ N. participants: 6 – 10

➡️ Education Sector: VET

➡️ Macro Topics: Health, Gastronomy, Sport, Tourism, IT, Beauty, Mechanics, Digitalisation, STEAM

📌 Mobility Type: Job Shadowing

📎 Application link

🗓 5-days Mobility dates

  • 30 September – 4 October 2024
  • 14 – 18 October 2024

🗓 7-days Mobility dates

  • 29 September –  05 October 2024
  • 13 – 19 October 2024

Education&Mobility it is a VET mobility provider located in Bilbao, main city of the Basque Country in Spain. We cooperate very close with many Basque VET in international activities. Because of that we have a large range of cooperation schools in Bilbao and surrounding areas of Bizkaia. Basque Vocation Education system is one of most well developed VET systems in Europe and therefore it is a interesting system to be analyzed.

Ethazi Methodology (Learning by challenges), Visits to Basque VET schools. Gastronomy job shadowings with workshops and visits to Michelin star restaurants.

  • Topics:
    – Sectoral: Health
    – Sectoral: Gastronomy
    – Sectoral: Sport
    – Sectoral: IT
    – Sectoral: Beauty
    – Sectoral: Mechanics
    – Transversal: Digitalisation
    – Transversal: STEAM
  • PROGRAM ONLY:  hosting organization will provide you with the training program only, all logistics aspects will be up to you but don’t worry, we will provide a list of recommendations for accommodation
  • Cost: 350€ / person

In order to apply you need to choose 3 destinations from the list, are you sure you have already checked all the options?