📍Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

➡️ N. participants: 2 – 5

➡️ Education Sector: VET, School education

➡️ Macro Topics: IT, STEAM, Digital bullying

📌 Mobility Type: Job Shadowing

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🗓 5-days Mobility dates

  • 19-23 February 2024 
  • 27-31 May 2024  
  • 14-18 October  
  • 11-15 November 2024  

🗓 7-days Mobility dates

  • 18-24 February 2024  
  • 26 May – 01 June 2024 
  • 13-18 October 2024  
  • 10-16 November 2024

SABA is a private vocational high school established in 2007 in Skopje, Macedonia.
It has four departments: BusinessAdministrationComputer Science (IT) and Tourism. There are around 350 students studying at SABA each school year. Students at SABA have the privilege to experience an educational system that is different from the public schools in Macedonia. They are focused on the field they study and they not only have theoretical, but also have much practical experience. During the past 10 years SABA is active in ERASMUS+ programme, preparing and also successfully delivering projects. During the last school year 2022/23 SABA has hosted 200 teachers and students from IT, RO, PT, BE, FR, TR, CY, GR, NL, SI, HR. They were at SABA for staff training, job shadowing, VET traineeships or student mobilities. Some of the topics of the trainings are: ICT in every classroom, Design thinking, Entrepreneurship in education, Robotics and coding, Bullying and cyber bullying, Digital competences for new generation teachers. In 2019 SABA has received the Vocational Education and Training Mobility Charter, in 2021 Erasmus Accreditation in the field of VET and in 2021 SABA received EITA European Innovative Teaching Award for outstanding project funded under the Erasmus+ programme.

“ICT in every classroom” is a training on how to incorporate Information Technology into everyday teaching. Since teaching methods change almost every year, and students’ needs and interests change year by year, the teachers need to use different teaching techniques to attain students’ interest and to help them gain as much knowledge as possible. By using ICT in everyday classes teachers could make their lessons more interesting for the students. During the course, they will learn how they could use ICT tools in teaching different courses, like English language, maths, economics, history, law etc. The participants will learn how to use You Tube videos in the classes, how to create interactive presentations, how to create quizzes in different applications (Kahoot, Quizzes, Studystack etc). In the second part of the training, the participants will learn about Internet of Things, Smart car, IT systems, 3D printing. During the one week the participants will attend classes in order to see the real implementation of these IT systems and tools in everyday teaching and learning.

  • Topics:
    – Sectoral: IT
    – Transversal: STEAM
    – Transversal: Digital bullying
  • All Inclusive: hosting organisation will provide you with:
    – Training Programme
    – Accommodation in a single room
    – Airport Transfer
  • Cost:  350€ / person (5 days experience) | 600€ / person (7 days experience) | Final price with listed services included. Partial services cannot be provided

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