📍Bologna, Italy

➡️ N. participants: 12 – 28

➡️ Mobility Type: VET

➡️ Macro sector: STEAM, Chemistry

📌 Experience: Teacher Training

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🗓 First period

  • 5-6-7 June 2024  
  • Macrosector: STEAM

🗓 Second period

  • 11-12-13 June 2024  
  • Macrosector: Chemistry

Fondazione Golinelli is an Institution accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education for teachers training, head office of Fondazione Golinelli is Opificio Golinelli and it is located in Via Paolo Nanni Costa, 14. It offers innovative training paths for young people and educators, interdisciplinary research and the support for new business activities. In particular Fondazione Golinelli supports Italian schools in developing the STEAM curriculum and it takes part in many European projects on science and digital competences.

STEAM approach to teaching and learning

The course will offer an immersive and activity learning experience in the technologically equipped facilities of Opificio Golinelli. Several workshops and practical labs will be starting points to rethink professional and school practices and to design student experiences in a more transversal, inclusive, challenge based way, according to the STEAM approach. Small group and bottom-up activities will help teachers to reinforce both technical skills (how to use different educational technology with students) and designing/ methodological skills (how to facilitate and support students in their creativity, autonomy and ability to collaborate). The topics will be: making and tinkering, coding and robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality but also facilitation practices, human centered design, activities and project design.

Teaching biotechnology in the lab through Forensic Science

The course is therefore aimed at showing some of the different biotechnological techniques used in forensic science in order to support teachers to design Stem activities for their students with the lab experimentation as a core. It offers an immersive training opportunity with an inquiry-based learning approach in the equipped biology and genetics laboratories of Fondazione Golinelli. The laboratory practises allows teachers to have a more accurate approach to the subject, applying modern tools and scientific investigation techniques normally used in international research centers.

  • Topics:
    – Transversal: STEAM
    – Sectoral: Chemistry
  • PROGRAM ONLY:  hosting organization will provide you with the training program only, all logistics aspects will be up to you but don’t worry, we will provide a list of recommendations for accommodation
  • Cost:  280€ / person

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