📍Perugia, Italy

➡️ N. participants: 10 – 20

➡️ Mobility Type: VET

➡️ Macro sector: Digitalisation, No Hate

📌 Experience: Teacher Training

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🗓 Dates

  • 1 – 5 July 2024
  • 30 September – 4 October 2024
  • 18 – 22 November 2024

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  • 19 – 23 February 2024

FORMA.Azione is an accredited VET and AE provider founded in 1997 and accredited as national teachers’ training provider of the Ministry of Education since 2022. Its core competence is designing, delivering and evaluating initial and continuous training activities, including teachers’ training from early years’ education to upper secondary school at both national and international level. The main areas of training are inclusive education, gender equality, digital literacy, quality assurance and participatory assessment methods, active citizenship, stakeholders’ engagement. Its strong connections with VET and labour market key stakeholders ensure high level success in training achievements, career progression and employment rates.

Inclusion: The course aims to strengthen the participants’ skills to identify and recognise gender stereotypes and prejudices, reduce gender discrimination and promote the appreciation of differences, at school and in the various spheres in which they carry out their professional activities (e.g. during interviews and guidance interviews, in written and oral communication, in the assessment process, etc.). Making school a full inclusive environment, making value out of all students is mandatory for building prosperous future communities.
Digitalisation: It aims to strengthen the capacity to promote media and information literacy (MIL) paths. In particular, the development of MIL skills will be supported by the realisation of media products such as podcasts, videos, photography, social campaign and posters. The following topics will be explored through a new awareness of the use of images and words in the media: Hate Speech, the representation of women and gender, and the representation of migrants.
EU Project Cycle Management: Project Cycle Management (PCM) refers to the management activities and decision-making procedures used during the life-cycle of a project (including key tasks, roles and responsibilities, key documents and decision options). Our trainers will help you to familiarise with Project Cycle Management principles, its powerful techniques, tips and tools for a successful and effective project planning. This results-oriented methodology will help you to develop (and implement) a project that logically sets objectives and actions.
No Hate: This three-day course tackles the issue of hate speech (online hate speech in particular) targeted against migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The action addresses the need for more effective civil society response to online hate speech through sharing and disseminating best practices. FORMA.Azione srl is one of the Italian Local Coordination Point of the “No Hate Speech Movement”. The No Hate Speech Movement is a Council of Europe campaign to address and combat hate speech by mobilising people (especially youth) to speak up for human rights and democracy online, and to reduce the acceptance of hate speech by reporting and denouncing it.
Participatory practices – Peer Review: The European Peer Review is a quality evaluation methodology, applied to the educational and vocational training sector, based on a combination of self and external assessment. It is carried out by peers, i.e. colleagues working in similar institutions or environments, specifically trained on the methodology and acting as “critical friend”, to support the continuous improvement of educational/VET providers. At the end of the training participants will be able to act as Peers (external evaluators of Quality), supported by experienced colleagues in participating to their first Peer Review in the VET/AL sector.
Identifying Life Skills: The course is aimed at identifying, assessing and improving life skills in both teachers and students through an innovative training model that enables them to integrate more systematically transversal skills in the teaching and learning processes. During the training, teacher and guidance practitioners from different countries and schools will be brought together in order to enable them to learn from each other by sharing and exploiting knowledge and experiences through stakeholder engagement.
  •  Sector:
    Transversal: Digitalisation,
    Transversal: No Hate
  • ALL INCLUSIVE: hosting organisation will provide you with:- training programme- accommodation in a single room- airport transfer
  • Cost:  830€ / person | Final price with listed services included. Partial services cannot be provided

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