📍Sliema, Malta

➡️ N. participants: 20 – 25

➡️ Education Sector: VET

➡️ Macro Topics: Inclusion: Blue Spaces

📌 Mobility Type: Teacher Training

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🗓 Dates

  • 09 – 15 June 2024

CheckIn is a project within the Salesian family. It was founded and is supported by the Friends of Don Bosco and works with the principles of a Don Bosco organization. The main focus is the work with and for young people, supporting them in their journey of personal growth and active involvement in favour of the community. The project offers a welcoming space, open to all. It is willing to collaborate with other individuals and organizations in order to promote a better society where every person’s personal, spiritual and social well-being are valued and supported.

Topics: Nonformal Learning; Pedagogy and Didactics; Outdoors and Blue Spaces; Mental Health.
This training course will assist educators who are interested in using the outdoors, especially Blue Spaces, to help students and colleagues who are experiencing challenges related to stress, anxiety, loneliness and loss. It adopts a hands-on methodology that combines practical engagement with interactive discussions and the sharing of personal experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to actively engage in various outdoor activities, especially those within the context of Blue Spaces, while also participating in discussions and exchanging their own experiences. The course aims to provide a blended learning approach that integrates hands-on experiences with reflective dialogue, creating a comprehensive and dynamic learning environment. By incorporating both experiential learning and meaningful discussions, participants will gain a well-rounded understanding of how outdoor environments can be utilized to address challenges like loneliness, grief, and anxiety.

  • Topics:
    – Transversal: Inclusion: Blue Spaces
  • PROGRAM ONLY:  hosting organization will provide you with the training program only, all logistics aspects will be up to you but don’t worry, we will provide a list of recommendations for accommodation
  • Cost:  525€ / person

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